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Pregnancy Massage

Massage treatment during pregnancy - or antenatal massage - is a fantastic complementary choice for pre-natal care. Reducing stress and promoting positive physical and emotional well-being through touch, massage aids the mother-to-be as she adapts to her new body image and prepares for motherhood. This special attention, tailored to suit the needs of the pregnant woman, creates additional nurturing for the new life that grows within her.

Many of the uncomfortable discomforts often experienced during pregnancy can be relieved through massage, such as backache, leg cramps, oedema (swelling) and headaches. Stress is also reduced for weight-bearing joints, encouraging blood and lymph circulation and helping to relieve nervous tension, reducing mental and physical fatigue as well as aiding better sleep and helping to relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes. Nutrition absorption and immune functioning is also increased through regular antenatal massage.

Treatments are carried out in a comfortable and safe side-lying position, ensuring the mother-to-be is well aligned and supported with pillow supports. Certain essential oils which are safe for pregnancy may be used if agreed upon during consultation or a plain carrier oil can be used. Treatments may also include aspects of Reflexology to add further benefits to the client.

Treatments may be safely carried out after the first trimester. If any problems are experienced during pregnancy, a doctor's advice should be taken before treatment.


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