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Inés Siouxsie Kaos
It was last Friday when I went to this place called Source Massage. My back was hurting me so bad so I really needed a good massage - luckily I got it! This lady gave me one of the best massages ever, removing my pain and making me feeling very relaxed. There was such a good vibe all around the place: warm lighting, sweet incense aroma, beautiful decoration... perfect for a relaxing and peaceful ambient. The full body massage entered me in a zen state of mind that I really needed, but she also focused on my back and made disappear lots of knots that I had. Claire is not only a professional and good therapist, she's also a lovely earthling! After this, I can only say I will repeat this great experience and, of course, I will recommend her to all my friends. Thank you Claire, you are great!
Kübler Steph
Really lovely and thorough. I can highly recommend Claire as a healer. She is very dedicated to the process and made me feel warm and calm. Thank you!
Dionne Palmer
Honestly Claire has a healing touch. One of the best body workers around by far. Catch her before she goes away on her travels. You will wish you'd discovered her sooner :)
RedTent Liverpool
After receiving a sterling review from Red Tent's Kate, I just knew I had to try one of these highly recommended massages... So I did! Two weeks on the bounce, because one just isn't enough! I left feeling nurtured and best of all that I'd really given a gift to myself :-) an hour of deep relaxation and a long lasting moment to myself xx treat yourself, you really won't regret it, and your body will be very grateful indeed!!
Denise O'hara
Met Claire today for the first time she instantly made me feel at ease , the massage was an amazing experience it took me to a place of complete relaxation and stress free. My body began to feel weightless and I felt like I was floating on an air bubble. At the end of the treatment I felt ten years younger and 2 stone lighter .so a definite recommendation from me and an experience I will definitely be repeating. Thank you Claire xxx
Emma Keenan
Finally found the massage that I have been looking for for many years! I was a big ball of tension yesterday and I can honestly say I have felt soooo much better today and in such a better mood and more productive! Looking forward to my next session and will definitely be recommending Claire to my stressed friends! Thank you :)
Gemma Kelly
I would highly recommend Claire. She tailored my massage to my pregnancy and I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated after it, I floated out! The baby enjoyed it too! I will be back for more. Thank you.
Silje Kjelsrud
I am highly recommending a massage from Claire! After just a few seconds you will be enjoying being put at ease in a relaxed environment with highly skilled massage. Definitely the best massage I've ever had!
Siobhan Donnelly
I’ve been coming to Claire for treatments for two years now, after being introduced by a staff member at The Fountain Project where I volunteer. Claire offered to do a treatment without any touch. I suffer from a form of Autism called Asperger’s Syndrome, and being touched is very difficult for me. Claire offered Reiki to start with, which when I started I had a half an hour treatment. I found this so beneficial the next time I had a full hour. As I’ve got to know and trust Claire I have branched out to allowing physical contact through Aromatherapy massage. The massages and Reiki have been immensely beneficial to me, especially as the last few years I’ve been suffering with depression and anxiety. These treatments alleviate it a great deal; I often go to sleep at night just after having had a session with Claire to the sound of the Buddhist Chants that were playing at the time. Claire is a gentle and compassionate therapist, and will listen to any worries I have with the strictest confidentially.
Danny Bairdmoves
Claire's massage left me so relaxed I felt like I could be poured out of a glass. I even forgot I had a body at one point. Highly recommend her skills. I should know too as I'm a professional dancer & I've had a lot of other massages to compare it with. I'll be back for more!
Maya Zahra Dancey
I had a lot of grump today, but 5 minutes on the table and I was transported into a restful and positive state of mind :) It's easy to feel in some massages that each area gets one go over, but Claire paid attention to all areas several times which I felt helped to connect the relaxing sensations. Whilst also being very thorough on the areas which needed more work - she seemed to get exactly at the parts that carried the most tension almost straight away. Next session already book, and the restful state of mind has carried all through the night :) Thankyou Claire! xx
Dickie Maroo
A highly mindful and relaxing experience: Claire is a friend so obviously I am biased, but I can honestly say from having worked with a number of massage therapists, that there are few that can relax and rebalance you the way Claire can. She has a solid knowledge of her trade, and a wide knowledge base for complimentary follow up treatments such as homeopathy, or reflexology. And so is able to provide a rounded, safe and friendly service for people in need of healing hands. Would definitely recommend, and I think probably already have :D !!
Laura Caldwell
I'm very happy to recommend Claire and Source Massage. She is a wonderful and skilled therapist from whom I've had many treatments and I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that you give one of the many types of therapy available a try! Claire is not only very professional but also has the ability to put you at ease straight away and I always feel a million times better after one of her treatments!
Carly Hobson
Would highly recommend a massage from Claire! Not only is she a highly skilled masseuse, she's so good at putting you at ease, making a relaxed, healing, joyous environment. I always have the hour long full body massage, which leaves me happy, revitalised and peaceful for days afterwards!
Sarah Jennings
Sweet and sensitive Claire Freeman I am so happy to have met Claire, she is sweet, sensitive and knowledgeable. You can tell she is deeply connected and dedicated to her spiritual practice and really knows how to help you relax. She gently got me to quiet my mind and then went deep into my muscular tension, I was a different person afterwards. She combines several practices, from Lomi Lomi, Reiki, Voice work and massage and is also open to hear what worked well. I could not have been any more relaxed after my treatment. I look forward to having another massage with her soon and to get to know her better. Can not recommend enough! Sarah Jennings, Aura Mediator with Dare to Be - AuraTransformation.
Jilly Rociscis Reynolds
Claire is the best on every level

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